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Thank you for choosing to buy consciously with SOLAQUA. This unique, hand-loomed textile was made on a vintage loom, using 100% Turkish Cotton and Linen by a skilled artisan in Turkey. To ensure your item stands the test of time, please follow the instructions below 
To soften and maximise the absorbency, please wash before use. Note – your items arrive to you unwashed  and without any harmful chemicals so it may shrink a few centimetres after the first wash. This is due to the nature of locally grown first grade Turkish Cotton. Simply, wash in cold water on a gentle spin. To keep your item looking pristine, once a month, add a cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle. Please do not bleach. 
On warm summer days, air drying is bliss, however, if time is of the essence, a tumble dry on a cool setting is fine too.
If you choose to iron, please use on a low setting. Anything too hot may damage the cotton fibres.
A pull or snag
If a snag occurs, don’t panic. Simply cut off the loose thread or loop using a pair of scissors. This will not unravel the towel.
Tassel care & maintenance
All tassels are hand twisted and tied, and over time may begin to unravel. This is not a fault in your towel and can be easily mended. Simply, make two sections and twist each section clockwise until fully twisted. Next, take each section and wrap them around each other in an anti-clockwise direction until fully twisted around each other. Then, secure by knotting the end.