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From products to packaging, SOLAQUA strives to be sustainable. Our towelling textiles are sustainably sourced, ethically loomed and 100% OEKO-tex 100 certified. They are not pre washed and are free from any harmful chemicals.

Our towels are hand made on vintage looms, providing work to a community of artisans in various parts of Turkey. Our pieces are designed to last a lifetime, encouraging our community to shop with quality & sustainability in mind, as we embrace slow fashion. 

We continue to work with our manufacturing partners to ensure the highest standard of ethical workmanship occurs.

Our Manufacturing partners are BCSI accredited and are fabrics sourced are OEKO-tex 100 certified. 

We work closely with our suppliers who specialise in the Australian market. All of our suppliers are accredited in manufacturing organic fibres. Understanding the importance of using sustainable fabrics and practices, we work with our partnered mills to source a variety of fabrics made from recycled materials. Our factories are regularly audited by SEDEX to ensure the health and wellbeing of staff are met at all times.

The SOLAQUA box is constructed using sustainably sourced paper and printed with soy-based inks. We are 100% plastic free and are conscious of being carbon neutral.

As we grow, it is our mission to continue to be environmentally and ethically responsible and we welcome any feedback on ways we can better improve our footprint on the environment.